Sports makes us healthy and fit for work. Games and sports are very necessary in our life. They make us fit, active, fresh, social, teaches us a lesson of cooperation, discipline and teamwork. They teach us a lesson of brotherhood and national unity. “WE ARE ALL SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF OUR MOTHERLAND”. Sports plays a crucial role in the development of human body, it increases our endurance and ability to fight diseases. Human become strong and enthusiastic, mind and body get more oxygen, mind becomes active and concentration level increases, a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Sports keeps the body fit and active. Children who learn to play sports become active adults. Playing games increase concentration power. The more is the practice, the higher is the potential of the brain and they become good at decision making. While playing, people have a delightful time together and develop a healthy social life too.

Sports have a great impact on health as well, it shapes our body and grows it. Sports make our muscles stronger and keep the bones, heart, and lungs in good condition. When we play sports regularly, we use up the fatty molecules. It implies that we have less chance of blood clotting and heart attack. Physical games are the natural healer for the obesity menace. Once people enjoy playing, they may not go for exercise routines to decrease weight. A person with a lot of weight becomes more restless and anxious, and develops cravy for alcohol and other hazardous addictions. Sports thus has a great impact for people with these problems and works as a medication and motivation. Sports teach many life skills required for good conduct in society. When we play sports, we imbibe qualities such as honesty, teamwork, leadership, and strategic planning. Teamwork plays an important part in everyone’s life .

The value and morals which we get through sports remain with us till our last breath, team work seems to be one of the top one. Someone once said The strength of the team is each individual member and strength of each individual is a team.”  When everyone works as a team they don’t fear of losing since they share the credit of victory they also share the grief of losing the game and not just a single member is put at fault. Sportspeople can accept rejections and defeats better. Similarly, they do not get carried away by their victories. They understand that success and failure are both part of the game. Life becomes a lot easier when a similar thought process is applied to all aspects. Therefore sports not only changes life but also moulds humans into a better version of themselves and motivation and success becomes a habit of their life.