Role of Sports in academics

Sports have a good  potential to be integrated with education since sports promote real life qualities such as leadership, sharing, team spirit, nationalism, tolerance, and so on. Keeping this in mind, win global sports provide a platform, as well as a medium for everyone to learn about sports. Moreover, according to some researches, physically active people are not only healthier, but they also have ability to do better on tests of cerebral or intellectual capacity.

“My Belief is that sports in school is not an extracurricular activity” – Brian Kilmeade

Sports and Academics

Some say that the results can be instantaneous; even a quick 5-minute walk may have significant results, however most studies show that the more children exercise, the higher their mental talents and cognitive performance will be.

Grades are not always the best measure of academic progress of students. Many collegiate athletes work hard to balance their responsibilities. While some students may not have responsibilities, activities, or the need to earn a living outside of their studies and score straight A’s, others may have any or all of these extra commitments and receive average grades throughout college.


Games and practice take a great deal of time for the student and leave minimal time for school and other key activities. Thanks to good time management abilities, they can however make enough time to practise, attend school work, such as homework, and perform other key duties.

Sports can lead to the students’ better mentality. Students of athletes tend take risks. It’s not simple to balance studies and sports consequently. Even after completing schooling, such a mind stays helpful.

Our Objective

Our objective is, therefore, that these students should be given adequate financial and other support so that both academic and sports responsibilities can be balanced. In general, integrating sports with academia is important and helpful for so many layers, some of which are mental and time management skills:

How are sports and academics equally important?

In the longest time, academics have been considered to be the most important aspect of one’s success and growth of mind. Importance of sports have always been a matter of advantage. Through the years it has been it has also been proven that sports is equally important. Sports can not only build your physical health, but also mental health. Playing a sport should not be restricted to an age group. Anybody, anywhere and anytime can play sports. This in turn, playing of sports can also help you to deal with the mental stress of examination or academic pressure. 

Sports Education

Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win, willpower, etc. The power of reasoning, mental development, vocational specialisation comes from the academic education of the students. Therefore, sports education along with the academics result in the all-round development of the students.

Sports education should be introduced in schools and colleges with complete sincerity. It also justifies the statement, “a sound mind resides only in a sound body”. A healthy and strong body is not possible without sports and physical activities.

Sports releases feel-good endorphin which elevates the mood. A good mood is conducive to performing well in other fields because there is peace of mind that allows greater concentration. Sports acts as a great outlet for frustrations of any kind.

Sports education thus should be taken up on the war footing at schools, colleges and educational institutions for the all-round development of the person which will help them immensely in their lives ahead.


Balance between Academics and Sports

Neither of the aspect is greater than other 

 Both sports and academics have the feature of evolution in a child and hence both are of equal importance. The two has their own set of benefits that contribute to the nourishment. Nobody has still been able to figure out whether sports is greater than academics or academics is greater than sports.. Such segregation is impossible to make as they act as key factors for a person. Academics and sports needs to be placed rightly in a person’s life. For athletes sports will always be greater, but then apart form sports academics must also be taken care of. There is no doubt that you can’t excel in sports, if you are good in academics. THe xzeal in sports and academics must be respected.  

Maintain balance 

Academics and sports needs to be given equal importance. Maintaining balance between them is a difficult task, but is doable. When it is actually done, it indicates that a person is going on the right track in the midst of achieving his goal. A person then can have all the advantages of being successful if he possess all of these qualities. When such a balance between sports and academics is maintained it can do wonders. Further, the person to alance sports and academics can always seek help from the techers and develop right attitude as this is what sports and academics teaches them. 

Both go hand in hand 

Academics and sports always go hand in hand. They represent two sides of the same coin. Sports becomes a complete package of life lesson. If you succeed in walk of your life through your sports activities then you automatically gain confidence in your academic prospect as well. And thus, this will motivate to give person their best.  Sports and academics complement each other very well. 

Gives wide spectrum of choices

When you tend to engage in both sports and academics it enhances your personality in a way that you become viable to lot of choices in the future. You know that your career wouldn’t be at stake, since you have various options to select from. A person would also have a clarity over time as to what would be suitable for his choices. When you excel in sports and academics- two of the mot important factor then nothing can stop you from achieving success. You would better know that you could excel in either sports or academics, but wouldn’t be down with confidence.     

Use you resources wisely

Our body is like a machine. A machine works by using engines, and if you do not oil it, it will stop working and will become useless. Just like that sports also tends to protect our mind, and our whole body from ‘decaying’. Continuous activity in sports makes your brain work faster and greatly helps in with your academic purpose. And to use resources wisely healthy eating is also important. This helps you do better in both equally.   

How efficient is having a healthy brain and body ?

The adage that a “healthy brain needs a healthy body” is what every person strives for. Kids especially require need a healthy brain. Every child tries his best to excel in studies.From the day he/she starts schooling. All there final goal becomes is to get good results and score high. But in midst of all these efforts, eating habits of a child is necessary. Eating nutritious plays a key role in developing the thinking capacity of a child. Eating healthy is always an answer for thinking healthy, but you body should also use all of these nutrient and this can only be possible by playing different sports. Playing sports is not restricted to hard core games, so it becomes easy to be a part of any sport.  

 Sports and academics are equally important for a child . As sports can teach a child many things that books may not even studies will give us mental knowledge which sports cannot give. What benefits you whether playing sports or doing great in academics is what you have to figure out. But sports and academics should be given equal importance.