Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

This award is the highest sporting honor of India. This award is named as “Rajinv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ”, he was  Prime Minister of India who proved service for the office from 1984 to 1989. This award is announced  yearly by the “Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports”. The recipient are selected by a committee constituted by the Ministry and is honored for their “most outstanding performance in the field of sports over a period of four years” at international level. Every year govt. of India gives this award to the best player.  

Instituted in 1991–1992, after Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, the naming of the award after late Prime Minister , may be the reason could be as, Rajiv Gandhi was a member of the organizing committee of 1982 Asian games and as a son of Prime Minister at that time.

What is Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

The India’s best and highest award in sports and game is “Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award”. This award is awarded annually by the Ministry of “Youth Affairs and Sports”.  The sports persons are selected by the committee constituted by the Ministry and  given to the sports persons for their outstanding performance in the field of sports over a period of four years, at international level. Rewards for this award are 25 lakh for each nominated sportsman. 

Firstly distribution of this award was started in 1991. First Winner of the this  was  “Vishvnathan Anand ”.  He is a Chess world campion player with outstanding performance. There are many awards which was won by the  “Vishvnathan Anand ”. 


Selection Process:


  • Name of the players are nominated as per there performance and then send to the SAI and National Anti-Doping Agency for the verification of the players achievements  with doping clearance. If any player is either penalized or enquired for usages of drugs or anything which is banned by World Anti- Doping Agency  are not  eligible for award.
  • A committee consist of the Joint Secretary and the Director/ Deputy secretary of Department of Sports, the Secretary and the executive Director/ Director (TEAMS) of SAI verify and validate all the players who are nominated.
  • The 12 member committee consists of a Chairperson nominated by the Ministry,
  • Up to 1991 -92, the award was given only for the performance by a sportsperson in a year. After that as per suggestions provided by 2014 award selection committee headed by Kapil Dev, then Ministry revised the criteria in February 2015 to consider the performance of sportspersons over a period of 4 years.
  • Sportspersons who won the various International Championships and events of the disciplines  in include Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games, Asian Games, and Commonwealth Games are given 80 % weightages and remaining 20 % weightage is given to  the profile and standard of events in which they where participated.
  • For any other game not like Olympic, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games like indigenous games and cricket, here individuals performance of sportsperson is taken for consideration. 80 marks are given to the sportsperson with maximum points, reaming sportsperson are graded as in proportion to maximum points.  If there is the team event the marks are given as per the strength of the team.