Mallakhamb is The mother sport of India . The ‘Mallakhamb’ comes from two words- ‘malla’ meaning wrestler and ‘ khamb’ meaning pole. It is the only one game which is played against gravity.

Mallakhamb is a spotless Indian game.. It is a sport that combines various exercises that improve speed, flexibility, strength, concentration, coordination. It is improves our concentration Power , helps to increase immunity power,
increases the competitive spirit, and to fight the stress levels in better ways.

Mallakhamb is a combination of Yoga and Gymnastics. The Exercises of poles of mallakhamb and rope are played against the Gravity during upward and downward movement. This Sport provides the maximum exercises in minimum period of time for maximum muscles of mallakhamb players.

  • History :

It is a first time Developed by the India in January 1981 The rules and regulations introduced for the first time in the First National Championships held from 28 to 29 January 1981.

The First Mallakhamb World Championship is arranged at Shivaji Park, Dadar, at Mumbai on 16th & 17th February 2019.

The origin mallakhamb start the 12th century .The first world Championship conduct at Shivaji Park in Mumbai

  • List of Mallakhamb :

  1. Pole Mallakhamb :

A vertical wooden pole is fixed in the ground. The wood used is usually sheeshum because of its two characteristics of toughness and smoothness. The pole height is 225 cm above ground level. It has a 55 cm at its lower end, 45 cm
in the middle, and 30 cm at the upper end. The height of the narrow part is 20 cm, and its border is 15 cm, and radius of the upper is 13 cm

The pole mallakhamb is involves grappling movements executed on a smooth oiled teak pole which is fixed to the ground. The pole is tapered from roughly the size of a wrestler’s at the bottom to the size of at the top, with a narrower
high neck above that.

2. Hanging Mallakhamb :

A smaller version of the fixed mallakhamb, it is suspended with the hooks and chains.
The hanging mallakhamb is generally only practiced as an progress variation as it is very hard continually swinging away from the body weight of the practitioner.

3.Rope Mallakhamb:

A rope mallakhamb which is 2.5 cm broad the wooden pole.
The performers are expected to strike various yoga poses, without the rope in
any way. Rope mallakhamb is the form practiced by females but which is also practiced
by some men and boys.

4. Revolving Bottle Mallakhamb :

This is a recent innovation, and consists of 32 glass bottles placed on a wooden platform, with the Mallakhamb balanced on top

The types of this sport include the Baseless Mallakhamb and Fixed Bottle Mallakhamb. Recently, a few more variations have been introduced , this is a both Inclined and Suspended Mallakhamb.

  • Uniqueness Of Mallakhamb :

We play Mallakhamb our body is turned, twisted, stretched and make balanced easily . Mallakhamb helps to develop speed, concentration and co-ordination.

Mallakhamb are helps in many other games which include Wrestling, Judo, Gymnastics, Athletics, Horse-riding, Tennis etc.

In Athletics, Mallakhamb increases the strength and stamina of the athlete needed for athletic events.

In Tennis and Badminton A ladder on the Mallakhamb will strengthen the muscle of the shoulder girdle and forearm. if also increases the flexibility of the joint.