1. SHIV NARESH is an Indian sportswear brand headquartered in Karampura , Delhi, India.The name “Shiv Naresh” was created by combining the name of Shiv and Naresh , sons of Mr. R.K Singh”.The company primarily manufactures Sportswear but has currently started manufacturing footwears as well.

2. Since 1987, Shiv-Naresh is shaping the future of Indian Athletes with its modern technologies for manufacturing one of the
Country’s best Sports Apparels and Equipments. Shiv-Naresh, has it proverb “From Indian, By Indian, To Indian” which is the
principal driving factor to give it’s absolute best

3. Classic, cultured, and expertly curated, ‘Shiv-Naresh’ is the ultimate destination for today’s sports person. From head gears
to hand gloves, from T-Shirts to footwear, It dispense Whole Caboodle.

4. Mr. R.K Singh, the founder of Shiv Naresh, was a visionary who carved out a niche for himself and founded an Indian spotswear brand amidst competition from established international
brands like Nike and Adidas.The company is known for sponsoring Mary Kom, Abhinav Bindra, Karnam Malleswari. It
also sponsors the Indian national field hockey and Hero Hockey India League teams.

5 . Shiv-Naresh now boasts of five factories and a strong presence on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.A small
tailoring shop started from home is now provide living to around 600 employee.

6. Due to Mr. RK singh brainstorming strategy, his brand is visible now at both national sports associations and local sports clubs and akharas.[Shiv-Naresh clocked a turnover of Rs 69 crore in year 2019 and has made quick inroads into sports circles which is quite unusual for a brand of its size. As an emerging Indian sportswear brand, Shiv-Naresh has been smart in leveraging the growing popular culture of sports in India over the past 10 years.

7. Shiv-Naresh is a brand at the right time, right place. As a brand, it appeals to the young emerging citizens of India who are price sensitive yet seek stylish sportswear.The retailers are also satisfied with Shiv-Naresh products and have good things to say about the brand.Shiv-Naresh has shown that with unflinching belief and the right strategy, Indian companies in segments
dominated by global giants can also dream big.