The Piranha Sportswear Company came into existence in the year 2016. It is a private company. With a high level of competition, the Indian sports market was flooded with all foreign brands. However, the penetration strategy of Piranha Sportswear, went on to become the kit makers of FC Goa (2017-18 season), that is, within merely a year after its launch(2016), was quite simple offering international quality clothing keeping in mind the trends and requirements of the Indian market.


Ashwin Ravindran is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Piranha Sportswear. The headquarters of Piranha Sportswear is in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The mission of the company is to create top quality sports and active wear with emphasis on design and functionality. The vision of the company is to be the most sought after brand in sports and active wear among the fashion and fitness conscious Indians within 5 years.

Piranha is a passionate and design conscious brand of superior quality sportswear and active-wear that is fashionable. They have a strong design based aesthetic. Their designs are contemporary, strong in color and simplistic in silhouette. They use both digital and handmade techniques in order to help them emphasize their design and make it unique. The cloth products of Piranha uses several types of fabrics such as polyester, polyester spandex blend, polyester cotton blend and pure cotton.

Cotton – It is comfortable and feels great against the skin.

Polyester – It has excellent dimensional stability and offers great resistance to dirt. It is extremely durable, elastic, lightweight and smooth.

All these combined qualities of these fabrics make it easy to maintain and therefore makes the sportswear comfortable. Most of Piranha’s designs are prints. These prints are made using a technique called Sublimation printing in which the print is fused permanently on to the fabric.

The brand is best known for its yoga pants and t-shirts made from Vapor Slay fabric, that is, cross sections of fiber in the fabric are knit in such a way that it helps in moving out the moisture. Sweat is dissipated quickly making sure the garment is not heavy while also keeping the body cool even in the toughest workout routine. The company’s range of products includes jerseys, vests, shorts, tracksuits, yoga pants, and much more.


Piranha today is one of the fastest growing Indian brands that has created an ideal position in the B2C and B2B market.

  • It is supplying kits for various teams across different sports such as Chepauk Super Gillies, All India Football Federation, and Young Indians, etc.
  • Piranha sportswear is tasked by several corporates and schools with designing and manufacturing running jerseys for their employees participating in different marathons.
  • Piranha sportswear was the apparel sponsor for the 70 day trip in which to commemorate the 70 th year of independent India, a group of four Indian women undertook a record journey from Coimbatore, India to London, United Kingdom.
  • Piranha sportswear has supplied full and partial kits to teams, individual athletes, gyms, corporates, institutions, clubs, etc. for events.