Nivia sports, a subsidiary of FreeWill Sports Pvt Ltd., is an Indian sports equipment manufacturer headquartered in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. The company primarily manufactures balls, but it also sells squad jerseys, boots, and accessories for football,
basketball, and Volleyball. The name “Nivia” was created by combining the initials of Nihal Chand Kharbanda, the founder of Nivia Sports, and the initials of Vijay Kharbanda: “NI” stands for “Nihal” and “VI” stands for “Vijay”.

Mr. Vijay Kharbanda, the founder of NIVIA, was a visionary and patriarch who founded one of the most popular Indian sports brands in history through his boundless ambition and deep sense of passion.

Prior to the arrival of NIVIA, Kolkata, not Jalandhar, was the centre in India where quality Footballs were produced. He founded NIVIA, and with it, Jalandhar’s reputation as a high-quality Football, Volleyball, and basketball manufacturing centre. In the 1970s, when women’s equality and equal rights were not even a consideration he established training centres to teach women how to stich sports balls in order to supplement their household income. Women are expected to make up 60 % of the tens of thousands of stichers employed in the football industry today.

While the rest of the world had moved on to rubber and plastic in football shoes by the 1980, Indian Footballers continued to wear leather studs. He introduced the NIVIA Low cut, the country’s first successful plastic sole shoe. This completely transformed the Indian Football shoe market, and Jalandhar quickly rose to prominence as a shoe manufacturing hub. In 1980, Punjab had less than 1% of the Indian football shoe market; today, it is estimated that Punjab produces 90% of all football shoes made in India.

He established the first active moulded ball unit in Jalandhar’s sports City in the 1990s. Which is also the country’s largest maker of moulded balls. The place, which had no history of moulded ball manufacturing before, how has half a dozen existing and upcoming plants that will boost India’s exports and expand the range of products that Indian exporters can sell to the rest to the world.

The decade of the 2000s, NIVIA was the First Indian Company to receive FIFA approval for its Footballs under his leadership. He took on the task of upgrading the local rubber material to global standards when the entire industry had yielded to imported material for producing footballs. Today, NIVIA is likely the only business in the world that has been
active in obtaining FIFA PRO marking on a rubber Football.

  • The NIVIA Volleyball was chosen as the official ball for the PreOlympic Volleyball championship in New Delhi, India, in 1963.
  • Over time, the company expanded its product line to include footwear for cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, Kabaddi, wrestling & track and field. Shoelaces and gel insoles were also made by them.
  • NIVIA Sports manufactures cricket, football, basketball, and Volleyball products such as kits or pockets, tracksuits, skirts, lowers, shocks, and windcheaters.
  • Rajesh, the second of Vijay and Sushi’s four children, is the current CEO of the company.
  • Nivia Dominator is incredible! It’s ideal for beginners and rough floors. When we kick a ball while wearing this shoe, we will realize how good it is. It will not cause any discomfort to our foot.

Nivia Footballs :->

  • NIVIA Storm Football – Size: 5. Pack of 1, Multicolor. (1, 54,068) ₹349. ₹560.

  • Best Value. NIVIA Country Colour Football – Size: 5. Pack of 1, Yellow. (27,793) ₹289.
  • NIVIA SPINNER MACHINE STITCHED FOOTBALL (ENGLAND) Football… Pack of 1, Red. 3.8. (8,671) ₹349. …
  • NIVIA Storm Football – Size: 5. Pack of 1, Orange. (1, 54,068) ₹349. ₹570.

Nivia is located in Jalandhar and there are total 2000 number of Employees work in the

Other NIVIA Products:

There are various Nivia products available in the Market.

  1. NIVIA Anti Burst Exercise Ball:
    It is the anti-burst gym ball which is made of highly durable material. The ball
    comes with a foot pump which means we can carry the ball anywhere.

2. NIVIA Yoga Mat:
NBR material that stays firmly in place on the floor and will not move even if we
do the most demanding postures. It has great grip.

3. NIVIA Tough Grip Gloves:
Nivia has made this pair of professional level gym gloves from genuine leather
and rib that feels so supple on our hands. These fitness gloves come with an
adjustable long wrist support so we get the perfect custom fit.

4. NIVIA Leather Jump, Rope with weight: It is solid leather rope. Precision ball bearings for smooth turns. Padded handles
minimize hand fatigue while jumping.

5. NIVIA Push-up Bars :
Nivia Push-up bars allow us to build our muscles gradually and strengthen various
parts of our body too. Provide better grip and sturdy hold due to non-slip and foam
padded handles.