• Introduction :

“Sports”, whenever this word strike in your mind you might visualize different players in the field playing with either with a
ball or some sort of a specialized equipment, anything, it could be, or you may also visualize the face of your favorite player. An admirer of the sports will find himself connected with it anyhow in so many ways.

Basically a sport is a physical activity, whether played casually or in an organized manner.

Forms of sports vary specifically in the terms of the number of players participating, from 2 players to the groups of multiple
players, whatsoever. Not only physical, but there are also non- physical sports which can be played without moving at all, only
using the mental skills required there, for instance, take the game of Chess.

Initially a sport was played to maintain fitness, but now hundreds of spectators can now join the field, enjoy and
entertain them seeing players playing on the ground.

Due to covid-19 last year, millions of people got affected, consequently affecting major sports events. The impact of the
pandemic is not limited to people or businesses only, there is the major impact of COVID-19 on sports.

According to United Nation the overall worth of the sport industry is determined to be around $756 billion, with the
onset of the COVID-19, not just professionally, but millions of people indulged in retails or sport services industry are now on
the edge of the worse.

There is some major impact of COVID 19 on sports which made the authorities to either cancel or postpone the events.

  • History:

The history of sports is the consequences of social changes and evolution in the definition of the sport over centuries. From hunting, and engraved pictures of swimming and arcades to multinational sports events, the term sport has been evolved through so many layers. It cannot be really determined that when was the first sporting event ever took place, but there are evidences that sport emerged from ancient military trainings. Earlier to determine which candidate is physically fit some physical games were organized for the purpose.

Moreover, it has been also found that the roots of sports are connected back to the ancient Greeks who admired physical
health. They integrated racing events initially with different festivals to celebrate, and to remain fit.

From the single-day competitive events to sprinting, of about 200 meters, the Greeks described the way how much they
adored the sport so much.

When the Romans conquered Greece, roman emperors eventually eradicated the tradition of such events around in AD
394, after which approximately 1500 years later, archaeologist discovered ruins of the Olympic Stadium build back then.

Then Baron Pierre de Coubertin initiated, and advised starting again the celebration of sports in the form Olympic in the
modern era which was held in every four years. The very first Olympic was hosted in Athens in 1896.

The impact of COVID-19 on sports is unprecedented, and it may take few years also to get in line.

  • Major impact of COVID-19 on sports :
  1. Summer Olympics :

In order to safeguard some major standards and consequences, the decision of postponing the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020 to 23 rd of July this year has been taken via a conference call amongst the, the Japan Government, the Tokyo Metropolitan
Government, International Olympic Committee, and the International Paralympics Committee recently as per the

The impact of COVID 19 on sports is a major concern these days; the Olympic is basically depending on the world to control
the situation in order to again organize the sports event again in an international level. The decision of postponing is based on
considerations and principles set by IOC ,which are

  • On the basis of the global International sports calendar.
  • In order to safeguard the health of athletes and other people involved.
  • To defend the interest of people involved in Olympic sports event.

2. Cricket :

Cricket is one of the major sports celebrated and enjoyed all over the world, thus, the major impact of COVID 19 on sports
also includes Cricket.

Firstly, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup both in the years 2020 and 2021 was decided by the International Cricket Council to
postpone one year ahead of each. That is, the tournament supposed to be held on 2020 is decided to be held on
November 2021, the event that was going to held on 2021 is decided to be held on its later year which is October 2022.

Recently in the month of May of 2021 the IPL season of 2021 has been also suspended immediately after when the wicket
keeper of the Hyderabad, who is Wriddhiman Saha, founded to be positive.

In order to not to compromise with the health of supporting staff, and the players, BCCI was compelled to take this decision.
However, on the basis of the situation in the upcoming months, the IPL might get resumed, but not likely in the month of May

3. FIFA :

With the onset of the pandemic infecting over 7 crore people of all around the world, the impact of COVID 19 on sports is a
major concern for sports events.

FIFA (Fédération international de Football Association) is one of the awaited football sport event amongst millions of football
admirers. Due to the pandmedic, FIFA fans also have to face disappointments.

Initially men’s and women’s U-17 European Championships have to be cancelled by the responsible authorities. Later FIFA
also decided to postpone U-20 World Cup to the year 2023.

However UEFA’s flagship tournament is expected to be held this year (2021) during the months of June –July, the decision
might also change if the prevailing situation will be the same.

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