Dhyan Chand Award

Dhyan Chand Award

A sport is an important element of human life and the world. Not only for fitness, but in so many places sport is practiced to celebrate joy, and happiness. Now the sport is not limited to some celebrations only. With time different sports are recognized, and converted into competition. For these competitions, different players and athletes all around the world prepare themselves through proper training in order to participate.

To encourage such players and athletes from all around the world, different awards have been introduced. These awards are helpful to encourage, and motivate the players and the coaches. The rewards achieved from these awards are sometimes is a source of income for players. Amongst different awards, Dhyan Chand award is initiated to honor athletes having major contributions to sports.

Dhyan Chand Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sports and Games is sponsored by the Government of India, annually. A nine member committee is constituted, and is responsible to evaluate the nominees received, and after evaluations sharing their recommendations to the Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Talking about the rewards, according to the sources in 2020, the reward under Dhyan chand award constitutes of a certificate, a cash prize of ten lakhs, a ceremonial dress and a statuette.



When it comes to the history of the Dhyanchand award, there is nothing much information available mainly because the award itself instituted in 2002. It is named after a legendary player of hockey who was “Major Dhyan Chand”. It was initiated to motivate, and recognize the contribution and hard work done by the athletes and players in Olympics games, Asian games, Commonwealth games, World cup, World championship, Para-Olympics games, Para-sports, and Indigenous games. Dhyan Chand is also known as ‘The Wizard’ and ‘The Magician’. He is regarded as the legendary player of the history because of his some extraordinary goal scoring skills. He was born in 1905, 19th of August and after around 36 years of his service he died on 1979, 3rd of December.

Selection Process:

For the verification of the claims of achievements by every nominations are being gone through SAI. The athlete who was, in the past, penalized for the use of drugs banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency is not qualified for the award. After the validations of the nominees by the Joint Secretary, and the Deputy Seretary, nine members committee is responsible to further analyze the information given by the nominee. Moreover, athletes who have already won in different international events are given weightage of 70%. According to the previous contributions in the promotion of sports made by an athlete, and the maximum points earned, around seventy marks are given, while others are allotted in proportion to their maximum points earned. In the case of teams, the committee ranks in terms of the overall strength that particular team have. Also, the committee is supposed to recommend the sportsperson on the basis of the aggregate marks in particular sports given, but not in terms of the highest marks across different sports. After when the recommendations are finalized, these are sent to the Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports for further process and the final approval.


From the initiation of the Dhyanchand award till 2020, total 75 sportsperson are honored with the award.

In the very first year of the initiation of the award, three athletes were honored which were:

  • Shahuraj Birajdar from the field of boxing,
  • Ashok Diwan from the field of hockey, and
  • Aparna Gosh was awarded for the contribution in basketball.

In 2020, total 15 sportspersons were honored with this precious award. These were:

  • Kuldeep Singh Bhullar, and Jincy Philips for athletics,
  • Pradeep Shrikrishna Gandhe, and Trupti Murgunde for badminton,
  • Usha and Lakha Singh for boxing,
  • Sukhvinder Singh Sandhu, and Ajit Pal Singh for contributions to football, and the hockey, respectively.
  • Manpreet Singh for kabaddi and J. Ranjith Kumar for para athletics
  • Satya Prakash for para-badminton Manjeet Singh for rowing,
  • Netapal Hooda for wrestling
  • Sachin Nag for swimming.