Consequences of financial byss to sportspersons

  • Due to the global economic crisis some sports have taken a lot more punishment than others.
  • International cricket’s economic structure is set to shift, putting financial burden on lower-ranked teams.
  • Most athletes are slowing down or retiring by the time they reach their prime earning years in their late 30s and early 40s.

Here are some athletes and their situation which can give an idea to understand the situation:

Ashok Garg

  • The Arjuna Award winner used an Rs 15 lakh loan to start a sports business.
  • He used to make Rs 50,000 per monthly.
  • Now it has become hard for him to pay back the monthly installments of Rs 17,000 after the lockdown.

Tilok Kumar

  • He has been working part-time as an auto-driver.
  • The Delhi state medalist leaves for training at 4:30 a.m.
  • He has survived on the free food provided by the state government during the lockdown.

Lokesh Kumar

  • He is a Delhi middle-distance champion.
  • He has to change three buses to get to the training ground.
  • Now is worried about feeding his family.

Meraj Ali 

  • Meraj Ali, 19, represented India in the Asian Youth Meet in 2017.
  • His family comprises of six members.
  • They rent a one-room apartment in Trilokpuri, East Delhi.
  • The 1500m expert believes his racing days are over after his brother was laid off by an app-based cab firm.
  • His deaf-mute father’s earnings as a daily wage laborer are insufficient to keep the kitchen operating.

Thabitha  Philip Maheswaran

  • She is a double gold medalist at the Asian Youth Athletics Championships in Hong Kong.
  • Her family was aided by an NGO, but due to a shortage of funds, they had to drastically cut their budget.
  • Her father, an autorickshaw, is the family’s primary breadwinner.
  • She is going through the aforementioned circumstances.